Module core::prelude::v1 [] [src]

The core prelude

This module is intended for users of libcore which do not link to libstd as well. This module is imported by default when #![no_std] is used in the same manner as the standard library's prelude.


pub use marker::{Copy, Send, Sized, Sync};
pub use ops::{Drop, Fn, FnMut, FnOnce};
pub use mem::drop;
pub use clone::Clone;
pub use cmp::{PartialEq, PartialOrd, Eq, Ord};
pub use convert::{AsRef, AsMut, Into, From};
pub use default::Default;
pub use iter::{Iterator, Extend, IntoIterator};
pub use iter::{DoubleEndedIterator, ExactSizeIterator};
pub use option::Option::{self, Some, None};
pub use result::Result::{self, Ok, Err};
pub use slice::SliceExt;
pub use str::StrExt;
pub use char::CharExt;