About me

I’m Ticki, this blog is about programming, mathematics, and politics.

People in the Rust community might know my for Redox OS, Termion, and the Π-type RFC. I’m the author of Ralloc, TFS, and SeaHash as well.

My primary interests are abstract algebra (most field theory and Galois theory), OS development, algorithms, and type systems.

I enjoy music, and especially classical music. My favorite classical composers are Chopin, Lizst, Debussy, and Satie (in that order). My favorite piece is Rêverie by Debussy, and Liebestraum by Lizst.

For questions, errata, or critcism, please write to me at the Mozilla IRC (my username is ticki).

Everything written on this blog should be considered MIT-licensed, but I prefer you give attribution.

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