Portfolio of Logos and Icons

This is a collection of the logos and icons, I created (and used/not drafts) during the last years.


Open Sea is a dead game project I was working on:

Open-Sea logo
  • Simple pixel art.
  • Stylistic and minimalistic text.
  • Simple icon similar to the graphics in the game.


Redox is an operating-system I work on. The icon was one of the first things I contributed to Redox (before code):

Redox vectorized icon
  • It is a circle construction formed after an atom.
  • The electrons are placed to resemble a sodium atom, which together with e.g. fluorine reacts in a redox reaction.
  • It's SVG!


Sodium is a text editor I wrote. The logo is

  • It is based on a basic square with rounded edges (square construction).
  • It uses text as a form of background noise.


XENOTIME is a game engine, which I created a logo for:

  • It is a text-based logo.
  • It uses red-black colorscheme because it reflects the colorful game world.
  • It preserves simplicity.


TFS is a filesystem I'm working on. The icon is:

TFS icon
  • It is a hexagone looking like an isometric projection of a cube, giving it a 3D feel.
  • The tetragon gives it a "glassy" feel (looking modern).
  • One of my favorite logo creations.
  • Just 284 bytes, in total (optimized SVG). Compressed, it is around 100 bytes.


SeaHash is a hash function I designed:

  • Very simple and not so fancy (showing stability and robustness).
  • Waves symbolizing the sea and performance.
  • Basic monospace font.


Termion is a terminal manipulation library I wrote:

Termion logo
  • It's animated, which is really cool. Note that in some browsers, the animation doesn't work in IMG tags, so if it is static, click it.
  • The animation gives it an "interactive" feel.
  • It uses common terminal colors and font.

Tip of the iceberg

These are just the ones I used. I've created many other drafts and candidates, which I might show in another blog post.

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