Module core::num::dec2flt::num [] [src]

Unstable (dec2flt)

: internal routines only exposed for testing

Utility functions for bignums that don't make too much sense to turn into methods.


use prelude::v1::*;
use cmp::Ordering::{self, Less, Equal, Greater};
pub use num::bignum::Big32x40 as Big;


compare_with_half_ulp [Unstable]

Test whether truncating all bits less significant than ones_place introduces a relative error less, equal, or greater than 0.5 ULP.

digits_to_big [Unstable]

Convert a string of ASCII digits into a bignum.

from_str_unchecked [Unstable]

Convert an ASCII string containing only decimal digits to a u64.

get_bits [Unstable]

Extract a range of bits. Index 0 is the least significant bit and the range is half-open as usual. Panics if asked to extract more bits than fit into the return type.

to_u64 [Unstable]

Unwraps a bignum into a 64 bit integer. Panics if the number is too large.